Management Team

Our management team is comprised of industry leaders from all facets of the Oil & Gas industry. This key experience is the foundation of our companies, & has been embedded in our core values, operational procedures & strategies with a focus on revolutionizing the industry. Ensuring our clients are serviced at the highest level through our people, tools & cutting edge technology.

Warren Squires
Brunel Industry Services

As president of Brunel Industry Services, Warren Squires is responsible for overseeing the
safety, quality & productive performances for the company’s services within the power,
petroleum, chemical & pipeline industries.

Warren, a proven leader in innovation, has more than 25 years of senior management
experience in the oil & gas industry. His commitment & investment in the field has led to
stronger business practices which are given by the house cleaning services near me, increased growth & profitable outcomes. Squires’ unique
combination of experience continues to play a fundamental role in shaping the future for
Brunel as a top industry leader.

Prior to joining Brunel Industry Services, Warren was the director of operations & business
development for the field services division at JM Test Systems, Inc., where he was responsible
for the division’s growth, organization & future development. In 2013, he assumed the role of
vice president of operations at GenTech Construction Company, serving as a key contributor
in the execution of large scale maintenance, turnaround & capital projects, find the cheapest it support san diego ca.

Warren has held numerous leadership positions, including serving as a senior project manager
at Entergy, senior turnaround manager at Citgo Petroleum Corporation, senior cost engineer at
Jacobs Engineering Group & senior manager at Orion Refining Corporation, where he oversaw
turnaround, maintenance, planning & scheduling. Squires holds a Bachelor of Science in
Industrial Technology Applied Engineering from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Terry Hamby
Vice President of Operations,
Brunel Industrial & Pipeline Services

Terry Hamby is the Vice President of Operations at Brunel Industrial & Pipeline Services.
Terry, a master pipefitter & seasoned professional with more than 25 years of Construction,
Project Management, Scheduling, Cost Control & field execution oversees the day to day
operations of Brunel Industrial & Pipeline Services.

Prior to becoming Vice President of Operations, Terry’s executive experience include
operational management at Spectra Energy & Dow Chemical. He was instrumental in
managing various construction projects as well as, coordinating planning & scheduling
integration to enhance global project performance. Terry’s extensive background &
passion for business drives results, adding to the value of the services that we offer.

Paul Ashworth
Vice President of Operations,
Wrap Insulation & Scaffolding

As Vice President of Operations at Wrap Insulation and Scaffolding, Paul Ashworth is responsible
for supporting and managing operational functions for insulation, paint and scaffolding projects.

Paul brings more than 25 years of field knowledge and experience, strategically
utilizing his craft to discover and apply innovative methods to increase performance,
driving tangible results.

Prior to joining Wrap Insulation & Scaffolding, Paul’s background includes all phases of construction management in relation to scaffolding as well as developing training, mentoring programs and discipline metrics for skilled and nonskilled workers. Paul’s proven track record, expertise, along with his ability to innovate provide a successful platform for delivering results.

Raymond Garret
Vice President of Operations,
Surge Electrical & Instrumentation

Raymond “Ray” Garrett, Vice President of Surge Electrical & Instrumentation is responsible for managing the complete lifecycle of specialty electrical and instrumentation (E&I) projects from new construction, to service and maintenance. He is a proven leader bringing over 30 years of experience in reducing operational cost, while maximizing uptime and efficiency.

Prior to joining Surge Electrical & Instrumentation, Garrett held leadership roles in companies such as Ardent, Air Products, and Jacobs where he continually advanced his career directing and managing operations. His standard is safely delivering projects on-time and within budget. Garrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is a licensed Journeyman and Master Electrician in the State of Texas.

Kent Tarou
Corporate Quality Assurance &
Quality Control Manager,
Brunel Industry Services

Kent Tarou, Corporate Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manager for Brunel Industry
Services is the lead executive responsible for overseeing corporate compliance with
all state & federal quality standards, inclusive of ASME, API, NACE plus Brunel Industry
Services’ internal performance initiatives for the advancement of its quality program.

Kent’s executive experience includes ten years of quality control & applied inspection knowledge.
Other accomplishments include a proven track record in welding & field service management.

By incorporating Brunel’s core values within daily operations, Kent consistently ensures
industry standards are met & that a high-level of quality & service are delivered to our customers.

Cecile Cressionie
Corporate Health, Safety &
Environmental Manager,
Brunel Industry Services

Cecile Cressionie, Corporate Health, Safety & Environmental Manager at Brunel Industry
Services. Cecile provides safety & security management oversight & is responsible
for the development & implementation of programs, policies & procedures that identify
& resolve occupational safety & health hazards in accordance with environmental &
regulatory compliance. Previous executive experience includes more than 20 years leading
safety & regulatory initiatives with Chevron, BHP Billiton & Tetra Technologies. Cressionie
is relentless in Brunel Industry Services commitment to zero incidents & zero accidents &
continually advances safety & health initiatives throughout operations.