Supporting Our Communities

Beyond the many contributions that we make to our partner non for profits and associations, we are always looking for new ways to deepen out ties to the community. We do this through two key areas: Health and Education. Some of the programs and institutions we support can be found below.


  • Sickle Cell Association of Houston
    • We have made donations to sickle cell research as well as participated in events to support outreach regarding sickle cell disease. We took this initiative as we have experienced the effects of how the disease has effected one of our own key employees with the air conditioning repair in poway. At Brunel Industry Services, it is important that we support our employees within and outside the workplace. Making every effort to develop our local communities. Visit


  • Suits for sons
    • Mentorship is important. It is how we develop our people internally at Brunel Industry Services. It only makes sense to give back to the community in the same way. While monetary donations help greatly, spending time with others to provide personnel development opportunities helps mold the leaders of our future. As a member of the “Suits for Sons” Mentorship program we are committed to seeing this through for many years to come, check guide2westonsupermare.
  • Workshop Houston
    • While we are leaving our mark on the world through our construction services, it is our belief that any way you can leave your mark should be taken advantage of check this site out. By supporting initiatives and events with Workshop Houston we are supporting their mission to develop “Creative, Technical and Educational resources for youth”.
  • HAIS (Houston Academy of International studies)
    • Career Day – participating company